The Loose Tooth

Dad Lunch slipped away for a while there. I didn’t update for over a year, and even prior to that it was very sporadic. The lapse was from a combination of a lack of free time, motivation, and a variety of other excuses. However, I am back and this site will be frequently updated again. This site was originally started with stories about my daughter, and I haven’t written directly about her in a little while. I figure with the return to updating, why not now?

While I was on my hiatus from consistent personal writing, my daughter has not put any hesitation or pause on getting older. Every time I look at her, she has grown leaps and bounds. I know we all feel this way, but every once in a while certain things make it all very real. This week my daughter is about to lose her first tooth.

This is a very big deal to her. She bounced downstairs a few days ago and was practically bursting with excitement. She pressed her tongue against the bottom front tooth and exclaimed “IT’S MOVING! MY TOOTH IS LOOSE!” Her excitement was contagious as usual, and my wife and I joined her exuberance. 

Once she left the room to start several of the 47 activities on her mind, I sat for a few moments. How was she losing teeth? She just got those… I remember them all. My daughter teethed forever. Every tooth took roughly a month of spiked fevers and sleepless nights. She didn’t get them all until she was almost 3 years old, and now she had the nerve to just lose them a few short years later? Doesn’t seem reasonable.

It’s not really the teeth though. The teeth are just a concrete example of the abstract nature of growth. We can lose track of the time for a while or put it to the back of our minds, but there are always these reminders. They won’t be children forever, and we need to enjoy them during this age. 

Currently, I am enjoying watching her get excited at the idea of a Tooth Fairy visit. The Tooth Fairy is the only “magical” character my wife and I have in the house, and it has been a task keeping that magic. My daughter is extremely practical, and watching her try to figure out the logistics of how it all works is pretty funny. So far she has decided that there are several tooth fairies. I believe each state has one since they would be overloaded otherwise, and travel would make the job impossible.

I know this is her take on it because when I was a kid, my “tooth fairy” would leave little 4-8 line poems under my pillow when I lost a tooth. I mentioned that maybe this would happen to her as well, and I was informed in a very matter-of-fact manner that the New Jersey tooth fairy left poems and she wasn’t sure the Massachusetts one did that. 

She also had concerns about communication with the tooth fairy. The questions of “How will she know?”, “What if the message is late?” and “Do you tell them?” have all been repeated several times to make sure the answer is unwavering and has no noticeable holes in it.

When it all comes down to it, I don’t expect for her to believe in this myth for a long time. She is too inquisitive and at some point she will decide this doesn’t all add up. That’s OK though, in the meantime I will enjoy this short time that she finds it credible enough. Besides, I have it on good authority that the Massachusetts tooth fairy division also leaves poems… 

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