Good News is No News


The last few days have been tough. The shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile at the hands of police and the subsequent killing of five police officers in Dallas is enough to make anyone feel overwhelmed and sick. We are only a few weeks removed from the Orlando massacre, and terrorist attacks and bombings from all over the world are a constant reminder of the terrible capabilities of people to hurt and destroy each other.

In the wake of all this I’ve seen a lot of people offer sentiments of helplessness for themselves, their friends, their children, and their future children. I understand why people feel this way, and I understand the sadness. These events are absolutely horrible. However, we need to remember something important while being constantly bombarded by these awful stories.

Good news is no news. There is a lot of good in this world, in our immediate lives, and on a more global scale. However, the stories of good people, doing good things will never be the headline. If we’re lucky, positive human accomplishment gets a footnote on a blood splattered front page full of atrocities and monstrous acts.  Good news won’t be what fills your Facebook or Twitter pages. Because with the current state of social media and the 24 hour news cycle, “If it bleeds it leads…” has really mutated into “If it bleeds it feeds…”

Don’t let this be your definition of humanity. While we are all mourning those lost in these horrific events of the last few months, just try to keep in mind the stories that nobody writes. Nobody writes a news story about the teacher staying after school to help a kid learn, the doctor doing pro-bono work for the needy, the person volunteering their weekend day to help at the local animal shelter, or the next generation running around on the playground without even the slightest concern for their peers race, religion, or who they will date in the future.  There is good in every community in ever nook and cranny of this world.

With all this being said, we have an obligation. We owe this world and the people in it kindness, decency, a helping hand, and whatever else we can do to create a little more beauty in the wake of the ugliness. You cannot fix the world. Terrible people will do terrible things until the end of time. However, you can try to fix your world. We can all make the day to day a little better for those around us.  If the macro is overwhelming and paralyzing, focus on the micro.

The world is beautiful, people are beautiful. The ugly doesn’t get to win.

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