4 Things That Parents do That Drive Non-Parents Crazy (and Why We Do Them)

OK, let’s clear the air. Non-parents, I know you find us parents insufferable sometimes, and to be fair, I’m sure we are. However, we generally aren’t trying to be impossible to spend time with. We just are a little oblivious since most of our day is split between work and trying to select the right color bowl for our child (a choice that has consequences on par with Indiana Jones trying to select the right cup at the end of Last Crusade). With that in mind, I just wanted to explain why we do some of the more aggravating things that we do. So here it is…
4 Things That Parents do That Drive Non-Parents Crazy (and Why We Do Them)
4) We Never Go To Social Events
I wrote a whole article about this (Here). However, to summarize, it is not that we don’t want to be part of your event. It’s just really difficult to make it to most social occasions. We have to be willing to leave our kid after a long work week, find childcare, and find the last shred of energy in our body if we want to leave the house after 6 PM.
I will offer this though. If you tell us that something is important to be at, we will make a legitimate attempt to attend. We do care about you, and we do want to be there for important events… just don’t expect me to be at Free Fish Friday’s at O’Malley’s Pub.
3) Talk About “Parent Only” Topics
I try to somewhat avoid doing this in groups with a lot of non-parents, but I fail miserably. Here is the problem… I only know about parenting stuff at this point. I do not party, and I keep only a fleeting grip on pop culture and/or sports. My life is consumed by things like “What is the best kindergarten for an art obsessed hippie-kid?” or “How do you get apple juice out of Shih-tzu hair?”
As my daughter has gotten a little older, I have definitely been able to get back into my hobbies more. This allows me to carry-on at least 6-8 minutes of real adult conversation. It’s great to be doing and talking about things I enjoy again outside of parenting, but this is a pretty new development. So non-parents, if the parents in question have a child under two, they aren’t intentionally leaving you out of conversation… they just have no idea what to talk if it isn’t a diaper genie.
2) Post Too Many Pictures on Social Media
I admit I post a lot of pictures of my kid (I even this out by posting no food or meme pics), and I also admit that some people probably overdo it. I try to avoid my daughter being the only thing people see anytime my name pops up on their Facebook, but there are three main reasons I post a lot of pictures…
First, posting pictures is about the best way for me not to lose them. I am not a super-organized person (basically, I call it a win if I know where my pants are at any given time), and I will lose things that I do not save. Modern technology is a gift when it comes to instantly saving something, and posting is one of the really easy ways to do this.
Second, most people have family that are not close by. Posting on a mass social media sites is a nice way to let them see pics of your kids since they don’t get to see them in person very often. I’d rather post one pic than text or email several people.
Third, my kiddo is awesome, and you guys need to see this awesome thing she did. All kidding aside, my daughter is by far and away the best part of my life, and I want to share the best parts of my life with people I care about. So I’m sorry that I care about you that much (repeat this to yourself in a Jewish Grandmother voice whenever you are annoyed by a kid pic, and enjoy the ride on the guilt trip train).
1) Complain About Parenting
If I haven’t made it abundantly clear, I absolutely love being a dad. My daughter makes me the happiest person in the world, and I wouldn’t trade being a dad for anything. With that being said, parenting is really difficult. It’s like having a full time job on top of having a full time job, only instead of being paid it is exuberantly expensive.
So sometimes, parents vent. To non-parents, I’m sure this can be annoying. We made the choice to be parents, so I can see complaining about it being frustrating to our friends without kids. Give us a minute and we will probably get it out of our system.
Just remember, as soon as we leave the room, you can vent about us to everyone else.

One Commnet on “4 Things That Parents do That Drive Non-Parents Crazy (and Why We Do Them)

  1. As a non-child owner, I don't find any of these offenses too egregious (except maybe talking about "parent only" topics- but that's just because I have no idea what you're talking about). Honestly, I don't really go to Free Fish Fridays anymore either, but that's just because not wearing pants is preferable to wearing pants. Also, all those seasons of "Frasier" on Netflix aren't going to watch themselves.

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