Six Months of Dad Lunch: Some Announcements About DadLunch’s Future (Don’t Worry, It’s Not Going Anywhere)

So six months ago I decided to start a blog. I did it mostly because I love writing, I love being a dad, and frankly it’s the only way to make sense of some of the ridiculousness both in my household and in the grand scheme of parenting. In those six months, I have gotten almost 20,000 hits. That may not be a lot by Huffington Post standards, but I am pretty happy with it on my little corner of the internet.

This brings me to what is next for…

My idea from the beginning was to make this more than just a place that I would rant (which it will continue to be), but also a place other dads could share their stories. We all parent differently, and come from different walks of life. I can’t see the world from your perspective, but that doesn’t mean I (and others) wouldn’t like to read about it.

Going forward I would like to open the proverbial doors (or I guess “Lunch Box”… yeah, we’ll call it the “Lunch Box”) to other dads from all walks of life. I know there are a lot of dads out there who don’t necessarily want to start a blog, but may have a story, lesson, or anecdote they want to share. I encourage you to send it in. I have some other ideas for the future if this works, but for now let’s just start here.

Some quick notes:

1) I don’t care if you are a world class writer, I will touch it up for massive grammar errors, but I won’t be heavily editing stories overall. You can be a great dad and a bad writer. Also, the more you write the better you get, so by all means, send something in. If English is not your first language, I would be happy to help you get your ideas out, and make sure English readers can understand your thoughts.

2) Dads come in all types. Older dads, younger dads, step-dads, single dads, etc. I don’t care what age, race, sexual orientation, etc. you are. The more diverse stories, the better. All I ask is that you are either a dad, or a dad to be (in the more impending sense of the word, not in the “someday” sense).

2) Suggested length is 400-750 words. If you have something way longer for a special topic, by all means let me know and send it in, but people stop reading at about that 750 word limit from what I’ve seen. If there is a specific picture you want included, let me know or I will probably find something as close to associated as I can.

3) Some topics are inflammatory, and although I touch on those from time to time, I really try to keep it pretty light around here. I encourage you to write whatever you want, but if I just think it’s too extreme in any direction it probably won’t get posted.

4) Swearing- I swear constantly in real life, but not around my kid. I also seem to extend that to here for some reason. It started that way, and I will probably keep it that way. You can send in writing with swearing, but I’ll probably do the old  $*@&#^ over the curses.

5) I can’t promise everything will be posted, or exactly when it will be posted. That being said, I want to try and get received stories up. It really just depends on how big a response I get to this and where it goes from here.

6) Keep personal info to a safe minimum. Putting an e-mail or a link to your own blog/facebook/twitter is fine, I just don’t suggest putting your kids full names all over the internet. I will print what you send me, but this is a personal suggestion.

7) If this falls flat on it’s face, I will just continue the way it is 🙂

So send in your stories to, and I look forward to reading them.

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