Letter to my Daughter: Please Dream

Dear Daughter,

Please don’t ever stop dreaming.

In reality, you’ve just started dreaming. You’re starting to see all the amazing possibilities in the world. As you get bigger, your dreams will get bigger with you. You will have thousands of different dreams, and some you will forget. However, some of those dreams will be unshakable. They will be the fuel that drives you as a person, and they will be the canvas on which you paint your world.

Unfortunately, as you get older the world will start to try and make you forget your dreams. This world will tell you all things you cannot do. It will tell you that dreaming is foolish, and you should have a plan. It will tell you what this plan is allowed to be, and what it isn’t allowed to be. The world believes your dreams should be small enough to fit in an easily defined box. Your dreams do not belong in a box. They belong to you, and only you decide when they are big enough. You will know you are dreaming big when others hear your dreams, and tell you to be reasonable.

Please be unreasonable.

They will tell you it is unreasonable to do so many of the things you want to do. They will tell you all the reasonable things that you can achieve. Let them achieve the reasonable things. The world has enough reasonable people. You do the unreasonable things, and most importantly don’t be afraid to fail.

Please fail.

Failure hurts, because it’s the feeling of our goals hitting a wall. That wall is just an obstacle though, and you cannot stop trying. Failure is temporary, but your successes are forever. You will learn that not failing is a product of not trying, and that is far worse than the alternative. So fail constantly, and find your happiness at the end of those failures.

Of course, I will be there when your dreams come true, and when they don’t. I will be there for your successes and failures. I will help with the little dreams, the bigger dreams, and of course the huge unreasonable ones… those are the most fun.


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