Attention Pink Princess Shirt Makers: THE MARKET IS SATURATED!

Well thank goodness they printed another one of those

The world in general has made some great strides for little girls in the last few decades. Girls are far more exposed to business, the sciences, and other previously male dominated careers. This is great, and I am happy my daughter is growing up in a world where all these avenues will be open to her. That being said, there is a place that the world is still greatly lagging behind, and that is clothing for little girls. There is still an epidemic of pink princess and pastel “I’m cute!” shirts.

This actually hurts my brain to look at.
Yes, I am aware that there are companies out there making girls shirt about sports, science, art, etc. However, they are the extreme minority. When I walk into a store for my daughter, most of the time finding any clothing that isn’t cotton candy pink or an eye piercing version of purple is extremely difficult, and that is a problem. Even when a shirt is a “boy’s subject” like superheros or sports, too many times companies insist on making it “girly”.
A color combination that strikes fear into villains everywhere.

Most messages kids receive are from viewing the world around them, it’s not always someone intentionally saying “You are pretty, and that’s more important than anything!” The message comes from the constant bombardment of ideas, and constantly being covered in clothing that reflects that message is still an issue.

I am not against girls wearing this kind of clothing sometimes, or thinking they are beautiful (the absurd image of beauty this country pushes is it’s own can of worms), but there has to be more. Some days my daughter wants to put on a princess dress, and some days she wants to build towers or play her drums.  Girls have to know they can do anything and be whoever they want to be. Half of my daughters t-shirts are from the boys section, because I couldn’t take the idea of another pink graphic tee. 
By the way, this is about 98% on us as parents to convey this message of success to our daughters, but having more of the right messages around us would make our jobs a bit easier.

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